Caprecia Miller

C.A.P.R.E.C.I.A. Cares

“I contacted Ivy Enterprise, LLC requesting an overhaul of my new website. Prior to Ivy, I worked with three previous web designers in an attempt to create a quality design and brand. Her level of professionalism, website expertise, and customer service far exceeded my expectations. Throughout the web design process, Ivy communicated with me on a regular basis, made requested changes, and completed my website in a timely efficient manner. Most importantly, the price was realistic and affordable. Ivy is without a doubt, a web designer who is passionate about her job and works tirelessly on the project until the customer is satisfied. I definitely plan on staying with Ivy as a permanent customer and will be referring her to others.”
New York Women's Athletic League

Kenya M. Sykes

New York Women's Athletic League

“Wow...I hired Ivy Enterprise LLC to create a logo from a very, very rough sketch and was floored when I received my first logo review. To say that I was ecstatic about the results, would be a gross understatement. They absolutely NAILED it and brought my vision to life! We have received extraordinary praise for our new design. Thanks IVY Enterprise LLC! You will be our preferred provider going forward. You exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more! Your prices were reasonable, your service was impeccable and the product was exemplary! Great job! I am one happy customer! ”

Jacque Scott

Another Planet Barbershop, llc

“I'll start by saying, I didn't love the price. Putting out $450 on top of the funds secured for the launch of my brand, I had to come to a halt and contemplated. After I did that and worked to get the extra money for the project, I contacted Ivy and she was immediately receptive. As a young entrepreneur launching my brand, Another Planet Barber Shop, LLC this Spring '15. I've had money go out this and that window but she is absolutely worth the $ figure. Even if its just a logo to us... its a tedious, attentive and nurtured work of Art to her & ill be recommending her in the very near future.The world will see my creative collab design with Ivy and will be wow'ed forever. Need I say any more? CEO - Jacque' Scott”

Rodney Stokes

Mindless Martketing

“I normally don't waste time with reviews because to be honest most people don't deserve it. However Ivy Enterprise is one company that doesn't fall under that category. I am an Internet Marketer who has had great success online for the past few years and I came to Ivy Enterprise with a concept of a company logo and a design for a software that I was developing. Needless to say, I was blown away by the finished product. They nailed the look I was aiming for in such a way that their was no need for any revisions.. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is serious about the appearance and quality of their brand online!”

Monique Crocker

Pumpkin Patch Daycare

“I’ve worked with Ivy Enterprise, LLC for over 2 years now and I’ve never been disappointed. They designed my logo, web video, T-shirt graphics, website and business cards… I own a daycare and all the parents tell me how much they love my website. Ivy enterprise helped me understand how important having a strong brand and marketing online is for my business. I can always count on them to exceed my expectations”

Kyle Williams

Tunnel Vision, LLC

“I highly recommend Ivy Enterprise for any web design job that your company may seek. Ivy Enterprise™ will work hard to suit your company’s needs. From simple to very creative web designs, Ivy Enterprise is the one for the job. Fast and quality work!”

April Farrell

Expressway Pit Beef

“Ivy Enterprise was awesome and easy to work with. In 30 days they created a brand new website that went beyond our expectations. ”

Jasmine Wilks

Stylez By Monae

“My experience with ivy enterprise was very good! Very professional very attentive and very affortable. I will definitely use ivy enterprise again and I will definitely refer friends and family for future websites.”
Crawford Johnson

Crawford Johnson

CJ Bail Bonds

“I hired Ivy Enterprise to do a 5 page website. Camille my acct rep said it would take 3 weeks to complete my site. One week later my website was complete and it exceeded my expectations of what the completed project would look like. Thanks to Ivy Enterprise I get noticed on the web and my business has increased after one week due to my web presence. Thanks Camille and Ivy Enterprise”
Damien Brown

Damien Brown

Well Done Home Remodeling

“Working with Ivy Enterprise was a great experience for me. They gave me so many excellent ideas for my new website that I never would have thought of. Service is very professional , fast and the work is just outstanding. I will definitely be using Ivy Enterprise for any of my own web designs needed in the future as well as passing the company name along to others for web design services. Thank you so much for the outstanding work, greatly appreciated!!”

Tasha Campbell

Happitees Clothing

Amazing. It was a pleasure working with Ivy Enterprise. They answered all my questions and created my logo is such a fast, timely fashion. I love it and plan on working with them again!

Verdell Smith


I would like humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to build my brand. The website you designed for me is giving people more evidence that I am serious about my craft and I am getting nothing but great responses. I would recommend Ivy Enterprises to anyone who is trynna set up their website and wants to be represented to the fullest. Again I thank all of you... Dell-P

LuSundra G. Everett

LGE Internet Marketing (MilSpouse)

If you are looking for a logo, look no further than Ivy Enterprise. I was on Facebook at MIDNIGHT looking for someone to help me, because I had gone through 2 other designers and TWO WEEKS to get a logo done. I was truly at my wits end. The owner, Camille, pops up and asks 'how can I help you?' I told her what I wanted. I woke up to a logo! Couldn't believe it! They are fast, economical, and responsive. I will use Ivy Enterprise again, and recommend them to friends!

Chris Walls

Fire Light Studios

Ivy Enterprise is an excellent website design service, very quick and professional for a LOW price. You really can't beat it. Happy Customer.

Sherri Council

Hope On Soap

Ivy Enterprise provided us with quality graphics at an affordable price and within our time requirements. As a result of their great work, we're asking them to re-do all of our promotional materials.

Genora Smith

Me and Mommie Blog

Ivy Enterprise got my site up and running in a jiffy. Not only were they sufficient but they walked me through step by step on how to operate my site as well. Great prices, great service equals a happy client. I will most definitely utilize Ivy Enterprise in the near future. Once again THANK YOU!

Aqil Sadiiq Jones


Ivy Enterprise was professional and very easy to work with. They provided us with a solution for all of our website needs. Their cost was too reasonable for us to pass up. We plan to continue working with Ivy Enterprise for all of our future web designing needs.

Khaleef Garwood


i am a local DJ in Philadelphia and i didn't have no business cards or logo to show how serious i was about what i do, so one day i called my best friend up and explain to her what i was trying to do and she referred me to Ivy Enterprise. Ivy Enterprise help with my logo, business cards and website. The quality of the logo was great and the business cards made me feel confident in what i am doing and i am guarantee that i will refer my friends to ivy enterprise as well so they too can get great service at great prices.

Rob Baltimore

Executive Director

Ivy Enterprise has done some exceptional work for my organization. They were quick and efficient in completing my project. I would recommend their services to anyone needing any kind of graphic work.

Kidd Chron

Kidd Chron

I,m a emcee/songwriter/company “Owner from Philadelphia,pa I go by the name KiDD ChroN, I recently was looking for a website and a creative logo but couldn't find one that was affordable or creative enough. Then Ivy Enterprise reached out to me. It was like it was destiny or something. I was so surprised on the affordable rates and creative work that I immediately said I need this, and was completely blown away by the professionalism. So thank you Ivy Enterprise I sure record labels will love this, and I look forward to doing business in the future.


We are grateful for all of our customers and work hard to build long-lasting relationships with all of them. Here are a few words of appreciation from some of our clients, who range from small business owners to entertainers, non-profit organizations to Internet marketers.


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