A website serves many purposes when it comes to your online presence; because of this a few key factors always comes into play. One of the most important and often overlooked is to make sure you have a mobile friendly website.

What does mobile friendly mean?

Mobile friendly also known as responsive design is when your website is coded in a way were it adapts to any device you view your website on ex. (mobile, tablets, laptops and desktop computers). Having a mobile friendly site is an effective way to deliver your company’s message to your audience no matter what device they use.”

The Benefits of a Mobile Friendly website

As more people are beginning to use mobile devices one thing has become clear; mobile is taking over Internet surfing. Over half of web traffic is mobile so it’s critical that your website displays across all devices. Believe it or not 80% of online users visit websites with their phone or tablet. A responsive website improves the overall user experiences for your visitors, sites that are mobile friendly appear cropped, distant and very hard to read on mobile and tablets devices.

Keep in mind that if your site was not developed with mobile in mind search engine like yahoo, bing, ask and most importantly google will overlook your site cause it not to rank high in search results.

What happens when your site isn’t mobile friendly?

mobile friendlyBad user experiences

mobile friendlyLack of exposure for your business

mobile friendlyNo room for growth in sales or clientele

mobile friendlyNo guarantee in ever ranking high in google

How to avoid or fix these problems?

When hiring a design & development company or a freelancer be sure to request that your website have a responsive design. This comes standard now and days with a new website. If you’re like many over businesses on the web that have a website but it’s outdated you will need to have your website revamped.

Mobile friendlyOur aim is to provide a seamless experiences on all desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones devices. A responsive design is an effective way to deliver your company’s message to your audience no matter what device they use. We design ever website with mobile in mind call at 1-888-337-0895 or email us at info@ivyenterprisellc.com


Find out if your website is Mobile friendly

Watch this video below to learn more responsive design and to find out how to test your website to see if it’s mobile friendly.


Stop Sabotaging Your Websites Performance - Mobile Friendly



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