What you Need to Know Before Hiring a Freelance Web Designer

Stop getting in your own way, too often business owners will hire a freelance web designer and then disappear not to be heard from for long periods of time. If repeated attempts to contact you or to get what’s needed from you fails; then the freelancer would be forced to put your project on hold and move on to the next project in hopes that you will get back to them or reach out.This not only delays the completion of your website but causes confusing and disappointment for you when after weeks or even months later you (business owner) finally follow up with your freelancer about your website and it’s still not ready to go live.

Understanding the Role of a Freelance Designer

freelance designerA freelance web designer focus on making sure they fulfills all your needs and completes your request as desired. On time of that a freelancer must use their skills and knowledge to not only design an appealing website that’s clean, professional and very pleasing to the eye. The sites navigation needs to be easy to find, smooth to use and understandable to the user; this gives your site a better user experience for your visitors. Let’s not forget the mobile friendly design allowing your website to adept to smart phones and tablets. Another important task a freelance designer provide is the on-page seo in order to optimize your site to rank in search engines.

Understanding Your Role during the web design process

Hiring a freelance designer is just the beginning. The freelancer handles the layout and function of your website to meet your needs. Even with so much of what’s involved during the design process being taken care of; the freelance designer will reach a point where he or she will need your assistance. You as the business owner know how you’d like your business to be conveyed on your website. Not to mention that you have a better understanding of how your business operates along with what your visitors look for in your industry better than your freelance designer.

“Always keep in mind that your freelance web designer is not a photographer so if the business owner can’t send over images to use, stock images can be used but they are not free. Some web design companies have a copywriter but most likely your freelancer doesn’t. So be sure to do some writing about your business. This content tends to be on page such as about us, contact, home and blog.”

What your freelancer needs and how to avoid delaying the completion of your website.

Providing your freelance web designer with everything listed below will insure that your project meets your deadline.

  • Provide Images
  • Provide Audio/Video (if needed)
  • Provide wording/Content
  • State your company colors (color scheme)
  • Number of pages
  • Merchants details (for online store)
  • Social links
  • Business Contact Info
  • Domain Name & Hosting Login (if needed)
  • Keyword Phrases (for keyword research – seo)
  • Product images (online store)
  • Product titles & pricing (online store)

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