Catch Me Online How Bout Dat Social Proof?

I’m sure you landed on this page ether because of the way I took advantage of the popular saying “catch me outside, how bout dat”. Maybe the image I use made you want to check out this blog post if this is true then you’ve just experienced the power of marketing online and the use of social media. More info


MUST READ! Before Hiring A Freelance Web Designer

What you Need to Know Before Hiring a Freelance Web Designer

Stop getting in your own way, too often business owners will hire a freelance web designer and then disappear not to be heard from for long periods of time. More info

Responsive Design Explained

Before hiring a freelance designer or a web developer you first want to know all about Responsive Design and exactly why it is so important to have a website that’s responsive for your business or personal brand. More info

What Is Organic SEO :: Get Ranked in Search Engines with Natural Search Engine Optimization

What Is Organic SEO // Natural Search Engine Optimization

What Is Organic SEO (Natural Search Engine Optimization) and how does any of that differ from standard PPC SEO? Unlike standard, continually maintained SEO, organic SEO constitutes a search engine’s natural rankings, based on key words, independent from outside tinkering. More info

#AskIvy :: What are domain names?

Many small business owners are stepping into the world of online marketing for the first time in hopes of establishing a better online presence. They quickly learn the process involved in having a web design company develop their website(s).
More info