#AskIvy :: What are domain names?

Many small business owners are stepping into the world of online marketing for the first time in hopes of establishing a better online presence. They quickly learn the process involved in having a web design company develop their website(s).
what are domain names

 Avoid ever having to ask the question What are domain names?

One of the most important steps when creating your first website is choosing a domain name, which raises the question, what are domain names? Understanding what a domain name is and how it works is key. Knowing this information comes in handy when you’re deciding on what type of domain name(s) you want your visitors/customers to identify your business with. Watch the video above for a visual understanding of what a domain name is

What are domain names good for?

It’s very simple - you can’t have a website, blog or landing page without first having a domain name. Buying a domain names is literally the first step to starting your online business. If you surf the web often, you should notice that every website or link you click on in search engines has a domain, and sometimes multiple domains for a single website.

What are domain names commonly used for?

so your wondering "what are domain names used for" If your like everyone else that has a cell phone, chances are that you use domain names all the time to view your favorite websites. Whenever you click on a pp on your phone you are in a way clicking on a domain name much like you would in a google search.But what are domain names doing linked to apps on your phone? the apps are short cuts to the website you want to visit. Instead of opening a browser and typing in the domain name you can simply click on a app that will do the work for you.

What are domain names to the using?

Domain names are for the user(s) to find your website in the same way they would if they jump in the car and drove to your location with the use of a address. If you haven't already please watch the video above #AskIvy What Are Domain Names


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